What is clean protein?

At Happy Planet, clean means no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives. We have used non-GMO pea protein in all our Clean Protein smoothies.

Do our products have non-GMO verification?

We know that the non-GMO issue is important for our customers ( it is for us too!) and so we make every effort to ensure that the all-natural, premium ingredients we source for our products are non-GMO. To this end we have managed to achieve non-GMO verification for a number of our products, and are trying to extend this across the range.

Happy Planet products which have been verified as non-GMO are: 100% Pure Orange Juice;  Blackberry, Boysenberry & Blackcurrant Fruit Smoothie; Coconut & Pineapple Smoothie; Extreme C Fruit Smoothie; Extreme Energy Fruit Smoothie; Extreme Green Fruit Smoothie; Go Nuts! Coffee Nutmilk Smoothie; Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie; Mango & Peach Juice; Organic Strawberry & Banana Juice; Organic Valencia Orange Juice; Pomegranate & Blueberry Juice; Raspberry & Cherry Smoothie;  Creamy Vanilla Clean Protein Smoothie; Banana & Cashew Clean Protein Smoothie; FairTrade Chocolate & Coconut Clean Protein Smoothie


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Can consumers with food allergies consume your products?

Consumer safety is our highest priority, so to know if a specific product contains an allergen (i.e. treenuts, dairy, wheat) always check the allergen statement on each product, which can be found near the nutrition facts panel. Also, many of our products are produced in facilities and on shared equipment that also process products containing treenuts, dairy and/or wheat. We also have extensive allergen management protocols in place to help ensure that ingredient cross-contamination does not occur, but anyone with allergies should always consult a doctor before introducing a new food.  If you have any additional questions about a product, please e-mail happy@happyplanet.com or call us 1-800-811-3213.

Is Happy Planet a Canadian company and where are the products made?

Absolutely… Vancouver born Randal Ius has been passionate about making food & juice that make you feel good since he co-founded Happy Planet in 1994. We are a proudly Canadian company based in Burnaby, BC, and almost all Happy Planet products are made locally in BC and Ontario, right here in Canada.


What certifications do Happy Planet products have?

Happy Planet products are quite distinguished and well certified. Our fresh soups, juices and smoothies that are organic are certified by The Certified Organic Associations of BC, the only government-approved body to ensure our products meet and exceed Canadian Organic Standards and those set by the American USDA National Organic Program. Our juices are also HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certified – a testament to the quality and the safety, security, and cleanliness of how our products are made.

Are all your fresh soups, juices and smoothies organic?

All of our products are made from premium, all-natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or anything that you can’t pronounce! We offer a great selection of both organic and non-organic fresh soups, juices and smoothies.

All our products that are organic carry the BC Organic Checkmark verifying the body that has completed the certification. In the United States it is the USDA organic seal that is your guarantee of authenticity.

Does Happy Planet use organic chicken?

Absolutely! Our Thai Chicken and Chicken Pot Pie Soups are made with certified organic, free-ranged, grain-fed chickens raised on local farms in the Kawartha Lakes region in Ontario. This means you can be assured that they are raised free in the sun and fed good wholesome organic grain so they don't come plumped up with hormones and drugs.

Are Happy Planet products gluten free?

All Happy Planet juices and smoothies are gluten free and produced in gluten free facilities.

All our Fresh Soups (300ml Grab & Go, 500/650ml Pouches) are gluten free with the exception of Chicken Pot Pie Soup and Cream of Chicken Soup (500ml pouches).

We do not process the gluten free and gluten containing soups on the same day and we do a full cleaning and disinfecting of all equipment used after each production run.

Are Happy Planet products vegan?

Happy Planet offers vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options - you can find the full ingredient list for all fresh soups juices, smoothies and lemonades under the Our Products section on our website for more information.

Do you pasteurize your beverages?

Our beverages listed below are rapidly heated, flash-pasteurized, for a short period of time to a temperature high enough to eliminate any harmful bacteria and brief enough to allow the natural aroma, flavour and nutritional benefits of the juices to be maintained.

• 1.75 L Fresh Organic Juices
• 1.5L Organic Lemonade
• 325 ml & 900 ml Premium Fresh Juices and Smoothies
• 946 ml Unchilled Organic Juices

What are natural and organic flavourings?

Both natural and organic flavourings are essential oils or essences completely derived from non-synthetic materials. They are both free of artificial or synthetic flavoring substances and colours, artificial solvents, artificial preservatives (like benzoates, sorbates and sulfites), synthetic antioxidants (like EDTA, BHA or BHT), hydrogenated oils and mineral oils, flavour enhancers (like monosodium glutamate or hydrolyzed vegetable protein).

Certified organic flavourings are derived from certified organic ingredients and are processed according to organic principles.

What is the difference between fruit purees and fruit concentrates?

Fruit purees are similar to fruit juice in that it is extracted from fruit by a mechanical process; however, a puree is different from juice in that it contains fruit pulp and is thicker than juice. Purees have the characteristic color, aroma and flavors of the fruits they come from.

Fruit juice concentrates are made by removing water from a fruit or vegetable juice. Making a concentrate also reduces the weight and volume for transportation of ingredients. If a fruit or vegetable juice is reconstituted from a concentrate, the amount of water that can be added to make it equivalent to the fruit juice is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Does Happy Planet use BPA free packaging?

Yes! All Happy Planet products meet the highest possible quality and safety standards. Our packaging supplier only uses BPA free High and Low Density Polyethylene, which are widely used standards for food and beverage containers. And you’ll be happy to know you can recycle them when you are done - all our packaging is 100% recyclable.